Our world is awash in over-hyped, over-caffeinated and over-sugared drinks that ultimately fail to deliver on their promises and leave you feeling underwhelmed. HDX is committed to changing this by creating the first socially relevant, environmentally driven, healthy alternative beverage that puts the voice of the community, customers and the planet first.

Our company sprang from a collaborative culture where pushing the envelope and transparency with our core users are the norm. Our openness and willingness to listen have given us the drive to innovate, evolve, stay relevant and develop products with a purpose.

Our mission at HDX is to fill the void for active consumers who thirst for more from life, want sustainable alternatives and want to take back control of their future. A future built with beneficial ingredients and customizable features, with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Out there are companies, individuals and organizations that share our same vision for change. It is our responsibility to reach out, educate, look for the unusual, the unorthodox and the unknown to find the right product to make change possible and redefine the way we engage others.

At HDX, our drink mixes are part of a larger lifestyle philosophy, where better beverage choices not only make you healthier, but also help to keep our planet healthier too.

Welcome to HDX Hydration Mix, advocates for a better world!

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