You might be thinking, “Why powder?” And we say, “Why not powder?” Here are a few reasons why we know powder is a great choice for satisfying your thirst:


  • Convenient | You can take it with you wherever you go. In your back pack, at the beach, on the mountain, etc. You get the picture.
  • Health | Ingredients are more beneficial in powder form and we only use all natural products. Plus our product is Diabetic friendly and Gluten free, which makes HDX good for everybody.
  • Environment | Think for a moment how heavy a can of soda or a bottle of water is. Now imagine all of the energy required in shipping this product and the associated waste with each can or bottle. It all starts to add up and has become an enormous problem. More than 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away ever hour! With your help we can change that.

We’re not trying to sit on our high horses and tell you what to do, but we know that if you’re like us all that you want to do is the right thing for your body and our planet.

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